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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bernard 10/26/06-08/20/10

It is with a heavy heart and through a lot of tears that we say goodbye to Bernard. To the left you will see the many faces (well mostly faces) of Bernard Esteban. I have to tell you, being the furbaby of Suzette and Francis would be the dream of any bulldog. Bernard's life, albeit much too short, was wonderful. He knew so much love from so many humans and was adored both in real life as well as by his cyber family. Yes, I am counted amongst that cyber world for I never met Bernard in person. However, with Suzette's wonderful 365 days of Bernard, I felt like I knew him. And he became a part of my every day reality and a part of my heart. Rest in peace Bernard and may angels wings carry you quickly across the Rainbow Bridge. When you arrive, please say hello to all of those who have gone before you. And we humans promise to love and support your Mom & Dad as they go through this difficult time. We'll be here for them so that you can go on and be whole again. Images of you running, playing and jumping go through my mind. For my favorite picture of you is one of you leaping into the air, and this is how I will remember you. Vibrant, healthy and full of life.


Dee Dee said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Your entire family is in my prayers. Bernard is so lucky to have had so much love.

Francis and Suzette Esteban said...

Bernard, mom & dad misses you so much. The house feels very empty without you. Love you little boy. Mwah!

Mom & Dad

Francis and Suzette Esteban said...

We will always remember you, little boy.

Video montage:

365 days of Bernard Part 1:!/album.php?aid=2016702&id=1069930942

365 days of Bernard Part 2:!/album.php?aid=2033391&id=1069930942

nino said...

My sweetest friend, you will forever play in my heart.